Developers should not worry about hosting. They should be focused on app development.

Cloudways offers a variety of applications that can be installed using a quick wizard. Want a Laravel app? Done. Magento? Prestashop? NodeJS? WordPress? Sure.


Most of the hosting platforms that offer managed services have one big downside: no SSH access. Developers would need SSH access to manage their PHP framework be it installation, database migrations, creating commands and much more. Cloudways offers best of both worlds – managed service with SSH access, and this was one of the reasons I decided to give it a try.

Another interesting feature is Git integration, you can add your key and the pulling from a branch can be easily done from the Cloudways platform. You can even start a project from a repository. Soon they promise to add ‘hooks’ so the platform will automatically pull changes on a given branch after there is a commit.

Vertical scaling can be done at any time, of cloud hosting. Cloud servers are preconfigured with Varnish that is further boosted with Memcached. It has a one-click activator, no need to mess with server configurations that Varnish needs.


Daily external backups and server monitoring are also provided by the platform.



I would suggest developers¬†to give a go to the 15-day free trial on Cloudways, there is nothing to lose and I’m sure most will be convinced of the result.

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